Getting Your Laundry Done Is Now Just a Tap Away!

Now say goodbye to soapy hands or poor machines. We are here to help you make your washing service more convenient and hassle-free. A time-consuming activity in the whole process of connecting with a laundry service is majorly in reaching out for collection or having it dropped off.

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Handle all your laundry needs on one app.

An on-demand mobile app can do wonders for your laundry. Users can track orders, booking, and other processes in real-time. Manage order processing, so you can present customers with a clear picture of the status of their order. Enable your customers to place their laundry orders on the go. They can add their addresses and select their preferred pickup and drop-off times.

Why Laundryman?

With the availability of innumerable online laundry service providers, it’s imperative to outsource your laundry only to the best laundry service provider. By choosing ‘The Laundryman’ you can rest assured of reliability, professionalism, and affordability. With innumerable happy customers, ‘The Laundryman’ is regarded as one of the best laundry service providers.

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How We Work.

Book dry cleaning with ‘The Laundryman’ with these simple steps. Download ‘The Laundryman’ Mobile App from the Play Store or use our web application. Fill in important credentials like address, request for pickup, request for delivery, and preferred time slot for pickup and delivery. After receiving your order, we will collect your laundry from your doorstep, complete the process requested by you and deliver your laundry on time.

What Is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is a process in which clothes get clean without the use of water. Chemical solvents get used to remove stains from clothes. The solvents contain little or no water. Dry cleaning is recommended on clothes that cannot withstand the standard home washing and drying process. The process will help preserve the desirable qualities of the fabrics. It will also prevent stretching and shrinking.

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Save your time and energy. Just book your laundry online or drop it yourself at the laundry basket store near you. Our professionals are well-trained to handle your much-loved clothes with utmost care.